Bristling Energy with 5 x 5 anti-aliasing

I was doing some deep zoom exploring in the Mandelbrot set and stumbled across an area that had a minibrot with straight meandering arms and electric looking tendrils. Out of curiosity, I zoomed into some of the deeper minibrots near the original minibrot and compared the image to the original. Is it possible to determine from looking at the image where the minibrots are located? Is there any way to know how each minibrot will differ from the original?

Go to the page 2 to look for minibrots.

The parameter file used to make the original image is below:

Bristling_Energy { ; Exported from Fracton.
  ; time = 32.2 sec at 640 x 480 with no aa
; on a Mac Pro 2 x 2.8 GHZ Quad-Core Xeon reset=2004 type=mandel passes=1 float=y center-mag=-0.126245138931413858672422416646502888\ 500881791e1/0.408335817765869292403054362598174616\ 49786835564/2.22222225e+31/1/0/0 params=0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0 maxiter=4000 inside=1 logmap=1034 proximity=0 colors=80G80G80G80G80H80H80I81I71I71J71J72J72J72K6\ 2K63K63L63L63L63M54M54M54M54N55N55N45O45O46O46P46P\ 46P37P37Q37Q37Q37R38R28R28S28S29S29S29T19T1AT1AU1A\ U0BV1CV2DW4EW5FX6GX7HY9IYAJZBKZCL_EM_FN`GO`HPaJQaK\ SbLTbNUcOVcPWdQXdSYeTZeU_fV`fXagYbgZch_dhaeibfibfi\ cgjdhkfikgjlhkljlmkmmlnnnpnoqoprorspqropqnopmnnllm\ kkljjkiiighhffgeefdddcccbaba`a`__ZZZYYYXWXWVVVUUUT\ TTRRRSSSUUUVVVXXXYYY___aaabbbdddeeeggghhhjjjkkkmmm\ oooppprrrsssuuuvvvxxxzzzzzyzzxzzwzyuzxsywryvpyunxt\ lxskxsiwrgwqewpdvobvn`vmZulYukWukUujStiRthPtgNsfLs\ eKsdIrcGrcErbDqaBq`9q_7pZ6pY4pX2oW0oW0nV0nU0mU0lT0\ lS0kS0jR0jQ0iQ0iP0hO1gN1gN1fM1eL1eL1dK1dJ1cJ1bI1bH\ 1aH1`G2`F2_E2ZE2ZD2YC2YC2XB2WA2WA2V92U83U73T73T63S\ 53R53R43Q33P33P23O13N04N04M05M05L05L06L06K06K07J07\ J07I08I08I08H09H09G09G0AF0AF0AF0BE0BE0BD0CD0CC0DC0\ DB0DB0EB0EA0EA0F90F90F80G }

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