Fracton Help

This is the place for all Fracton help information. Watch how to videos, read a manual, or go to the help forum.

How To Videos

Go to the How To Video page for short YouTube videos about using Fracton. Topics range from getting started to composing and rendering your fractal. Find out how to create a unique fractal from scratch.


User manuals and language guides are in PDF format. Read them online or option click to download.

3D User Manual

Quaternion Language Guide for 3D fractals

Triplex Language Guide for 3D fractals

Simplex Language Guide for 3D fractals

2D User Manual

Complex Language Guide for 2D fractals


Go to the Exploration page for forum posts on fractals made with Fracton. See fractal images and download Fracton document files. Post your own fractal discoveries.

Help Forum

Go to the Help Forum to ask questions about Fracton.



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