Quartic Line with 5 x 5 anti-aliasing

After I was able to make a 3 armed line using the cubic mandelbrot equation, I was pretty sure that it was possible for z to any power. I was curious to see whether or not a 4 armed line made with the quartic mandelbrot equation (z = z ^ 4 + pixel) would look the same as images I had made with the regular mandelbrot equation. It turned out it was much harder to find the correct places to zoom into than I thought. I gave up a couple of times before I eventually found the right path. I think the quartic fractal looks better because it has thinner more even arms and a better balance of size of the interior. The magnification of the image is 2e33 and it took 1.5 hours to render with maximum anti-aliasing. The image below is a four armed line using the normal mandelbrot equation z = z^2 + pixel.



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