Minibrot and Not

Jim Muth's image from September 9, 2010 "Negative_Minibrot" had great coloring and interesting math. Quoting Jim:

"Today's image shows a normal minibrot in the upper left and an anti-minibrot in the lower right. It's rather rare to find such an evenly matched pair this close together..."

I wondered if I could use a 3D model to make the difference in the two more apparent. The model is a height field where the number of iterations is used to determine the height. The inside of the minibrots are the high points while the anti-minibrot (purplish white area center right) is the lowest feature.

To make the image I used Fracton's Export Model to make a .dxf file and imported it into Bryce. Jim's image is used as a texture map for the model in Bryce. The model is pretty big and too noisy for my tastes but I am hoping to improve that in the future.

You can get the Fractint par file and see the original image at the Fractal Of the Day website.

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