This is my reply to Roger Alexander's post on the FractInt Mail List named Brite Strands.

That is a nice image with some wild neon colors. Thanks for posting it.

I wondered if I could make an interesting movie by varying one of the parameters. For the start point I used the original p3 value. For the end point I used Fracton's Variations...(something similar to FractInt's evolver) to find an interesting image. Then I used Fracton's Export > Image Sequence... to make an animation that shows what happens to the image when you change the p3 parameter between the two points. I used Quicktime to change the image sequence into a quicktime movie (4 sec, 2.5MB).

Here are the values I used for the p3 parameter:

original, start p3(real,imag) -0.0674153874324778 , -0.322794274727622

end p3(real,imag) -0.467415387432 , 0.0772057252723777

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