This page is an exploration of the 3e-6 parallel resistor formula fractal. 3e-6 is the shorthand name for a fractal with the equation:

R1 = z ^ 2* (exp( z) - 1)+ cp + 1

R2 = z ^ 6 + cp - 1

z = 1 / (1 / R1 + 1 /R2)

The fractal is made up of an R1 exponential term adjusted to a power of 3 and a R2 z^6 term. The R1 term is centered at (-1,0) and is mixed with a R2 term centered at (+1,0). In FractInt cp is called pixel. The 3e-6 fractal was written by Mike Frazier.

You can download a folder of files to generate the fractals. The files are available for use in Fracton or FractInt. The FractInt parameter files are the composite type that have the parameters and formula in the same file.

Download Fracton document files

Download FractInt parameter files

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